Tuesday, September 7, 2010


At the Cabin
Allen and Claudia have been generous again this year in letting us have use of their cabin on Douglas Lake. We had a wonderful time enjoying the environment, water sports on the lake, and time in the swimming pool. Beverly and I were at the cabin from 8/24 until 9/2.

Here’s a few pictures from our time at the lake cabin.

IMG_3439 P1060729
P1060688 P1060686
P1060705 P1060723
IMG_3451 IMG_3462
P1060747 IMG_3473

More pictures of our vacation can be found in Mandy’s photo album.

Quiet Labor Day 
We had a quiet and peaceful Labor Day. I didn’t roll out of bed until 8 am, and that’s unusual for me. I did a few jobs around the house including filling the bird feeders, watering the flowers, and I boxed up Big Bertha for the winter. Big Bertha is shown in pictures 5 & 6 above. Then we had a nice hamburger cookout at Kevin’s place. That’s what I call a nice Labor Day… one that did not have very much labor in it.
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you can bet the water bill is higher.

Quote of the Day
What is told in the ear of a man is often
heard 100 miles away.
~Chinese Proverb

Joke of the Day

A couple of quickies…

A banker fell over board from a boat. His friends couldn't find a life preserver.
One asked, "Can you float alone?"


She was just a moonshiners daughter but I love her still.

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