Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fishing Report and Some Thoughts About E-Mail

A Good Day on Watauga Lake
We enjoyed our day of fishing on Watauga Lake. It was a nice change of pace. And even though we were unfamiliar with the lake we had a good catch. We caught a total of 8 lake trout, releasing 3 to grow larger and bringing 5 home. The 5 we kept weighed 16 1/2 pounds, and the largest trout was 6 1/4 pounds. It was the largest lake trout we have caught to date. Here’s a few pictures we took today (click for a larger view):
P1060065 P1060093
 P1060127  P1060134
The helicopter above was being used to film a couple of jet skis in action. We enjoyed watching the action as the helicopter would fly sideways a few feet above the surface so the camera man could film the jet skis.

E-Mail Etiquette
The following is just one site I found concerning proper Email Etiquette:

Harness E-mail: E-Mail Etiquette

emailYou can “Google” and find many more links about this  subject. It would be good if all of us were more careful about the email we send out.

Do you have things about email that irks you? Here’s a few of things that get under my skin the most:

  1. Any email that asks you to forward to 10 more people. (Sometimes it says if you do you will have good luck, or if you don’t you will have bad luck.) I never forward this kind of mail.
  2. Any type of chain mail.
  3. Email where I have to open multiple forwarded messages in order to get to the one with what the person wanted to send me. Grrr!
  4. Messages with everything written in all caps. I would prefer everything in lower case.

Here’s another good link:

Email Etiquette 101


God Bless America
Have a great weekend!
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
God hears the needy prayer.
Trouble is on the horizon if we don’t feel
our need of God’s help and guidance.

Quote of the Day
May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!
~ Irish Blessing

Joke of the Day

Two men were preparing to go hiking in Yosemite National Park. One asked the other why he was putting on a pair of running shoes instead of hiking boots. 'In case we meet a bear.' he replied.

His friend replied, 'That's silly, you can't outrun a bear.'

The man answered, 'I don't have to outrun the bear, I only have to outrun you.'

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful fish! Congratulations! About e-mail, sometimes I use all caps when my Parkinsons's is acting up--that way I can type with just one finger and don't have to go back and forth from lower to capital letters.
Love your Blog. Love, MLW