Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brain Training

Brain Exercise
brain-2Your brain, just like your body, needs exercise  to stay  fit and work effectively. Just recently I stumbled across a web site that offers a variety of brain games and brain training. I’ve tried a few of them, you might be interested in trying them out. If so, check out the following link:

My current brain exercise consists of working the crossword puzzle and the jumble in the newspaper and playing some games with family and friends. Beverly goes a step further and works all these SUDOKU number puzzles.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Get outside and enjoy the beauties of nature and the summer sunshine.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
It’s easier to get older than to get wiser.

Quote of the Day
People who don't cherish their elderly have forgotten whence they came and whither they go.
~Ramsey Clark

Joke of the Day

A cheap old antique dealer is traveling in Vermont and at a garage sale, he comes across a priceless Chatsworth desk. It's in perfect condition, and he knows he could sell it for over $300,000, but to keep the price down, he tells the farmer that it's worthless.

In fact, he says, he wouldn't even be interested, except that he needs some firewood, and he knows the oak would burn well.

The farmer sells it for $10, and, when the dealer returns with his truck, says 'I felt guilty about charging you so much, so I've saved you some trouble. I chopped it up for you.'

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