Friday, October 17, 2008

Johnny the Bagger

Did you ever hear the story about Johnny the Bagger. Johnny was a bag boy at a grocery store. Johnny was also a Down Syndrome person. This very inspiring.

Or watch it here....

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Life, only once we can live it.

Quote of the Day
Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going.
~Jim Ryun

Joke of the Day
If a man can do at 50 what he did at 25; and I'll show you a man that didn't do much at 25

My preacher came to see me the other day. He said that at my age I should be thinking about the Hereafter.

I told him, "Oh I do, all the time! No matter where I am, in the parlor, upstairs, in the kitchen, or down in the basement, I ask myself: now what am I
here after.

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