Friday, December 28, 2007

We Had a Good Day

We went to visit Dad and Mary yesterday. We had a wonderful day. Here's a picture of the group of all of us. (Jade took the picture. Aren't timers on cameras great!)

Be sure and check Dad's Tomato Garden Jou
rnal today. I am pretty sure he put in a video that you might want to see.
GLOBAL WARMING - Yesterday I saw another interesting article yesterday about global warming. Read it HERE. Also don't forget to check out my Global Warming web page.

About that puzzle... Death in a Field.

A man is lying dead in a field. Next to him there is an unopened package. There is no other creature in the field. How did he die?
Do you get a solution? Here's the answer:
The man had jumped from a plane but his parachute had failed to open. The parachute is the unopened package.

When thinking about this puzzle we limit ourselves to thing about things at ground level. If we think upward, we might solve it by thinking the man came from above.

Quote of the Day
True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable.
~Dave Tyson Gentry

Joke of the Day
A fisherman returned to shore with a giant marlin that was bigger and heavier than he. On the way to the cleaning shed, he ran into a second fisherman who had a stringer with a dozen baby minnows.

The second fisherman looked at the marlin, turned to the first fisherman and said, " Only caught one, eh?"

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