Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Not Over Until it's Over

It's Over... Christmas that is. But the wonderful Season is not over. It's not too late to enjoy this festive time of the year, the lights, the decorations, the sounds of children playing, etc. Also, even though Christmas is gone we can enjoy the new toys we got for Christmas. Or maybe play a game, or work a jigsaw puzzle. It's a magical time to be alive and enjoy life.

Also we now we look toward the new year. It will be 2008 in just a few days. Have you thought about what you are going to do with 2008. Each day that God gives us is a true blessing, and how are we going to use those days in 2008? As Dad says, "Time is so precious. Do not waste it." Very sound advice.

Look over in the right column (top) at a new survey.
Let us know your plans for developing some New Year's Resolutions.

Now is a good time to start thinking about your resolutions for the new year. What will it be? More physical exercise? Eating healthy? Losing some weight? More time with a hobby? More time for devotions? More time with family? New friendships or fostering old friendships? More time with the elderly? Home improvement? A special vacation? The list of possibilities goes on and on..... What will it be for you and for me???

Are you wondering who that is in the above picture? Just an old friend that showed up here to enjoy Christmas with us. He'll be heading back to his home in a few days. He's didn't care much for turkey and ham, but he really loves fresh fruit, especially bananas.


It was good to talk to friends and family we couldn't be with on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There's something so nice about hearing those familiar voices at Christmas time.

Don't forget to visit Dad, at Dad's Tomato Garden Journal. You'll find sound advice for life that goes far beyond growing tomatoes. He always trying to come up with something good for his journal, and he usually does. He does a great job with his videos.

Tomorrow, Beverly, Jade, and Tennessee Granddaddy plan to drive down to Knoxville and spend the day with Dad and Mary. We've been looking forward to this for several weeks! I'm sure he'll have the coffee and tea ready for us.

Quote of the Day

He who fails to plan, plans to fail
~An old proverb

Joke of the Day
An astronomer on an extended lecture tour became weary of delivering the same lecture night after night. He confided this state of mind to his chauffeur as they were driving to their next destination. The chauffeur expressed a similar boredom in his line of work.

"I've got it!" said the astronomer. "You are bored with driving and I am weary of lecturing. Let's exchange places for one night. It will be a refreshing change for both of us. My lecture is all written out word for word and nobody in the next town knows me by sight anyway." The driver agreed and the exchange of roles and dress was made. That night the lecture hall filled to capacity. At the appointed time those in attendance heard a flawlessly delivered lecture. At its conclusion the lecturer basked in the euphoric applause. Then came the question and answer period.

"Who discovered Uranus?" came from a boy in the front.

"Uh...William Herschel." He remembered that from somewhere.

"And who discovered Pluto?" continued the boy.

"Aaaa...that would be Clyde Tombaugh." He had read a little.

Then from the back: "Would you please comment on the relative merits of the pulsation instability model and the accretion disk instability model for the explanation of outbursts of cataclysmic variable stars?"

The speaker paused for a moment, then said, "I am surprised that you would bother to ask me such a simple question. To show you how really simple it is I shall have my chauffeur answer it for you."

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Anonymous said...

Well I am glad that it is over, all of that rush is hard on an old man