Monday, August 20, 2007

Remembering Jack

Jack Beverly, my fishing buddy and best friend passed away on October 28, 2004. Jack was a native of Clintwood, VA. He joined Eastman Chemical Company in 1966. Prior to joining Eastman Jack had earned a BS in Mathematics from Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, a BS in Statistics from VPI, and an MS in Statistics from VPI. We worked together at Eastman until he retired in 1997.

Jack loved to fish, though he did comment that he was probably more of a collector of fishing equipment than he was a fisherman. We enjoyed fishing the local lakes and taking some trips in the spring to other areas. We fished Santee Cooper, Buggs Island, and Lake Weiss in recent years. While we didn't always "slay'em" we always had a great time. I miss Jack and think of him often. He would really would have enjoyed my last fishing trip to Lake Erie. Jack was the brother I never had.

Quote of the Day

Search others for their virtues, thyself for thy vices.
— Ben Franklin

Joke of the Day

The following joke is one of my Dad's favorites. I laugh every time he tells it.

A woman same into the butcher shop to buy a chicken for dinner. The butcher had just one chicken left in the ice barrel. He reached in and pulled out a fine looking fowl and placed in carefully on the scales and announced that it weighed 4 pounds.

The woman asked if he had one a little larger. The fast thinking butcher put the chicken back into the barrel and in a few seconds pulled it back out and placed it on the scale a second time and told her that this one weighed 4 3/4 pounds.

The woman paused... Then announced, 'I'll take both of them!'

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