Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cell Phones & Digital Cameras

Wonders of the Ages?
I love my cell phone. It’s smart, but I am dumb. I still like it. It’s very useful. I try to use my phone correctly.

You might not think so much of cell phones if they cause an accident. So be careful and don’t try to text or dial numbers when you drive. It’s better not to use a phone at all when you are driving. It just takes a second to have an accident.

A good friend sent me the following. It’s a cell phone for seniors! Someone made this phone with a Photoshop type program. It has a rotary dial! Remember those?

CellPhoneFor Seniors

Digital Cameras are another wonderful invention. I sure wish I had one years ago. Now I’ve got all these old photographs and slides that eventually will fade away. I need to scan more of them so they can be saved for future generations of our family.

I got my first digital camera in December of 2001. It was a gift from my Dad. I really enjoyed the camera… it got me going into the digital picture age.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
There have been many times in the past when I wish I had a camera with me. One time in particular (maybe in the 1960s or 1970s) there was a new Western Auto store to open on Eastman Road in Kingsport, TN. They had the sign ready to put on the building with a small crane. My mouth dropped open and I could not believe my eyes. The sign read:
Western Otto 

Quote of the Day
The only gift is a portion of thyself.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Joke of the Day

The young mother skeptically examined a new educational toy. "Isn't it rather complicated for a small boy?" she asked the salesclerk.

"It's designed to teach the child how to live in today's world, madam," the shop clerk replied. "Any way he tries to put it together is wrong."

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John White said...

I wish they had a cellphone model with a dial....I'd love to have one. I have a call director land line telephone which has a dial but with digital service I can't do anything but answer an incoming call.

Francis said...

I like the cellphone with a dial. Maybe we can persuade Tracfone to make one. They seem to have a phone for every niche