Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Raising Cane!

The picture shows the cane I'm raising.  I'm feeling good and not having any pain in my knee. I see the doctor tomorrow.

My computer harddrive is going bad. So Jasen is going to replace it with a new and larger drive. Then get it up and running with all the drivers, etc. I hope to get back later this week.  Then the hard work begins for me... reinstalling al my applications, getting emails reconfigured, getting backed up data reinstalled. Could be worse... it could be you.

Thanks for all my get well emails and phone calls. I hope to be back in business on as regular basis next week.

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Karen A. Cooke said...

Hey Jim,
Sounds like you just "worn out" that computer! I know you miss it and putting everything back won't be much fun. I have had that happen numerous times at work - what a mess. Glad your kneeis better and that you are raising cane - sounds like my Jim! Love ya, Cuz' Karen