Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hope You Have A Happy Weekend

Virginia Free Fishing Days
This current weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) are free fishing days in the state of Virginia. Yesterday we tried the Virginia waters of South Holston Lake. We’ve heard the walleye fishing was better on the Virginia side of the lake. (Unfortunately, Tennessee and Virginia do not have a reciprocal license agreement for South Holston Lake.)

P1050897 We fished in Virginia until early afternoon and caught nothing and saw nothing on our fish locator.

So we left Virginia and put the boat in Tennessee waters. We ended up with 6 nice lake trout. We did not catch any walleye, but the 6 lake trout made a nice mess.


The other day I saw a cartoon showing two fish talking. Well, I adapted the words to show what they “might” be saying (wishful thinking). It is all in fun.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “Fish tremble at the sound of my name.” That’s certainly not the case with me.

Kevin’s Surgery 
Kevin’s surgery on his finger yesterday, resulted in the doctors putting in 3 screws. I talked to him last evening and he goes back today to have the bandage changed and for some therapy. That was a bad break on his little finger.


Hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
No one else is in change of your happiness.
You are!

Quote of the Day
Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.
~Joseph Addison

Joke of the Day

A University of Alabama football player was visiting a relative in Boston over the holidays. He went to a large party and met a pretty coed. He was attempting to start up a conversation with the line, "Where do ya'll go ta'school?"

The coed, of course, was not overly impressed with his grammar or southern drawl, but answered his question anyway,

"Yale," she replied.

The UA student took a big, deep breath and shouted, "WHERE DO YA'LL GO TA'SCHOOL!?"

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Frances said...

You have a good weekend, too, Jim. So glad you are still feeling good after your short 'vacation' in the hospital last week. It is better to go on to the ER when chest pains occur, because you never know how serious it can be.