Saturday, February 7, 2009


Signs Across America
A good sign gives information, assistance, or direction. Take a look at these signs, and it makes you wonder what was the purpose.

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Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
The best thing we can do in the morning, is to put a big smile on our face. That would help our looks more than anything else.

Quote of the Day
Unemployment is capitalism's way of
getting you to plant a garden. 
~Orson Scott Card

Joke of the Day

A car was driving down the street when all of a sudden it started swerving. The car was going back and forth till someone with a cell phone called the police.

A police officer pulled the car over. A blonde rolls down the window and says, " Officer, I'm so glad you are here. I saw a tree in the road, then I saw another. So I had to swerve to keep from hitting it!"

The officer looks at her, points at her rear view mirror, then says, "Ma'am, that's your air freshener."

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1 comment:

a corgi said...

these were cute signs! my favorite was the one on the church marquee to not let worry kill you but to let the church help

have a good day!