Monday, February 16, 2009

The Redskins

The Indian Springs Redskins
Here’s a team picture taken last week of Kara’s basketball team.


That’s Kara on the back row, the third player from the left.IMG_0719


This picture shows a sad faced Kara with two broken fingers in her left hand in a splint. And, Kara is left handed which makes it hard for her in many ways, not just just in missing playing basketball.




A Special Visit
IMG_0800-1 We enjoyed a visit this weekend from Mandy and Alex, and from one of their friends, Lori, who is from Washington, DC. They met at our house on Friday, and we were the home base for their skiing excursions to Sugar Mountain, NC. We had a great time visiting with them and they enjoyed their time on the slopes. I did manage to get a this picture of them before they left: left to right, Alex, Mandy, and Lori.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
An optimist is one who gets ready to leave when the speaker says: 'And in conclusion...'

Quote of the Day
Where large sums of money are concerned,
it is advisable to trust nobody.
— Agatha Christie

Joke of the Day

An older man and his friend were having a conversation one night, and the topic drifted to memory, or lack of it. The first man mentions to his friend:

"My wife and I have been having a hard time remembering very simple things lately, and a friend recommended that we see this memory specialist doctor."

"Oh, well how is it working out for you?" asked the friend. "Has it helped either one of your memory's?"

"Very much so!" replied the man. "The results are incredible!!"

"What's the name of this doctor?" asked his friend.

"Hmm, its a really long last name I know," he replied. "Well, help me out for a second. What's the name of the one kind of flower, with the thorns, and that grows on a bush?"

"A rose?" said his friend.

"Yes, Yes! A rose!" says the man. "Rose dear, what's the name of that memory doctor we've been seeing?"

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