Monday, April 7, 2008

New Slide Shows

I have 3 new slide shows to my Slide Show Download Page. Here's a sample picture from each slide show.

The first slide show consists of beautiful winter images of snow and ice scenes that include animals and scenery.

The second slide show provides pictures and information on nine unique structures currently under construction in various parts of the world.

The last one is all about water... beautiful water... flowing, roaring, gurgling, and still water.

Don't Count Your Change
Most of my readers know or know of my Dad who has Dad's Tomato Garden Journal. Dad is 94 years old and my sister, Mary, lives with my Dad.

Dad and Mary were at the airport a while back, I think to meet some friends coming in on a flight. So here they are waiting for a flight, and after a time, Mary and Dad decide they want something from a vending machine. They find a dollar bill and put it into the slot and select the item they want. The item dispenses correctly and some change falls into the coin slot.

Mary retrieves the item, and then reaches for the coin return to get the change. Dad says, "Don't count your change!"

Mary asks, "Why not Dad? I need to know if we got the correct change, don't I?"

Dad goes on to explain his great wisdom, "Don't count your change, Mary. Just assume it's correct. Because if it's wrong, you can't do anything about it, and it will just worry us."

Quote of the Day
Man is inclined to exaggerate almost everything
- except his own mistakes.
~ Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

Once upon a time, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur found himself overwhelmed by too, too many obligations. Jetting off to board meetings all over the world left him absolutely no time for himself.

So he invested some of his great wealth into having himself cloned and began to send his spitting image off to the far reaches of the globe to serve in his stead.

But something had gone horribly wrong in the cloning process: the Clone, while his exact double in appearance, was, for reasons his makers could not explain, incredibly profane. Every other word out of his mouth was highly objectionable. His verbal output had no built-in censor. In the middle of a business meeting a string of swear words might pour forth, to the great shock of those present. Around women, the Clone was especially offensive, making utterly inappropriate remarks.

Since no one knew of the Clone's existence, everyone assumed the foul-mouthed one was the Millionaire himself. Needless to say, his reputation, previously unassailable, was becoming severely tarnished.

The Millionaire, anxious to put a stop to the deterioration, called the Clone in for a meeting. In a penthouse apartment on the twenty fifth floor of a New York high rise, the Millionaire and the Clone had a heart-to-heart, but it did not go well. The two came to blows, in the process stumbling out onto the balcony, from which the clone plummeted to his death.

Though startled by this unexpected outcome, the Millionaire felt no guilt. The Clone was his; he owed his existence solely to his actions. So what if he had killed him. No crime, he told himself, had been committed. He sat down, fixed himself a Manhattan, and relaxed.

His peace was soon disturbed, however, by a loud knock on the door. When the Millionaire answered, he found the cops there, guns already drawn.

"Is that your double down there, sir--the dead one prostrate on the roof of a car?" Without hesitation, the Millionaire acknowledged the being as his. "Well then," the cop insisted, "you are under arrest."

"For what?" the Millionaire responded defiantly. "What am I charged with?"

"Of making an obscene clone fall," the cop answered.

Note: The above joke is in memory of my dear friend Jack Beverly, who died in 2004. Jack love to tell this joke. He was a great joke teller.

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