Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do You Want Lemon Slices?

To those who do the Lemon thing in Water, Tea, or Coke...
You gotta watch this.

No more lemons for me!


Quote of the Day

Politicians are like diapers.
They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.
~ Author Unknown

Jokes of the Day

George W. Bush and a secret service agent are taking a stroll when they come upon a little girl carrying a basket with a blanket over it. Curious, Bush asks the girl, "What's in the basket?"

She replies, "New baby kittens," and she opens the basket to show him.

"How nice," says Bush. "What kind are they?" The little girl says, "Republicans."

Bush smiles, pats the little girl on the head and continues on.

Three weeks later, Bush is taking another stroll, this time with Karl Rove. They see the little girl again with the same basket. Bush says, "Watch this, Karl; it's really cute." They approach the little girl.

Bush greets the little girl and asks how the kittens are doing, and she says, "Fine."

Then, smirking, he nudges Rove with his elbow and asks the little girl, "And can you tell us what kind of kittens they a re?" She replies, "Democrats"

Abashed, Bush says, "But three weeks ago you said they were Republicans!"

"I know," she says. "But now their eyes are open."

Note: The above joke does not necessarily express the views of this blogger.

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