Friday, November 9, 2007

Jade Swims & Global Warming Info

The Swim Meet
We went to the swim meet last night between Sullivan South and Tennessee High Schools. Jade swam in two events: the 50 yard Freestyle and the 100 yard Breaststroke. After the scoring was completed we learned that South won! Yea South! Jade did great! This short video shows her swimming part of the breaststroke event.

Global Warming

I just added some information to my web page about global warming. This article is written by the founder of the Weather Channel. He calls Global Warming the Greatest Scam in History. Read what he says, and it may give you a different perspective than what you hear from the your normal news sources. (Click here for my Global Warming web page.)

The author says that in 10-20 years we will recognize that the Global Warming scare is a scam. My fear is that the environmentalists will say, "See it didn't happen because we prevented it." Believe me, they will take credit for the fact it did not occur.


Quote of the Day
"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge." ~ Benjamin Desraeli

Joke of the Day
Three beautiful blonds walked into a bar a ordered a pitcher of beer and five glasses. They took them over to a table, poured themselves a glass of beer and raised them in the air, shouting, "51! 51! 51!" Soon a fourth blond came in and they poured her a beer and they repeated the toast. "51! 51! 51!" The fifth blond came in with a framed picture puzzle. It was a scene from Sesame Street with Big Bird. They poured the fifth blond a beer and, louder than ever, raised their glasses and shouted "51! 51! 51!"

Finally, the bar tender couldn't stand it any longer. He went over to the table and asked them why they were shouting "51!". "Well," said the fifth blond. "We get so tired of everyone saying that blonds
are dumb, we decided to prove them wrong. We went out and bought this picture puzzle and the five of us together put it together. On the side of the box it said, '2-4 years'. We put it together in 51 days!!!"
~ Ruth Olsen

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