Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Good Day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was wonderful too. Here's some of the pictures we took during the day. We also have good times today with our family. It's so wonderful to have your daughter and granddaughter home for a few days.

Jade has swimming practice today and tomorrow from 8-10 AM.

My Dad has a link on his blog for the last few days to a story about a grocery store bagger named Johnny. If you have not seen it, I am going to give you the link and a chance to see it.

Click here: Johnny the Bagger
You'll be glad you did. It has a powerful message.

Quote of the Day
We can only be said to be alive in those moments
when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
~Thornton Wilder

Joke of the Day
A man visits his aunt in the nursing home. It turns out that she is taking a nap, so he just sits down in a chair in her room, flips through a few magazines, and munches on some peanuts sitting in a bowl on the table.

Eventually, the aunt wakes up, and her nephew realizes he's absentmindedly finished the entire bowl. "I'm so sorry, auntie, I've eaten all of your peanuts!"

"That's okay, dearie," the aunt replied. "After I've sucked the chocolate off, I don't care for them anyway."

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Boyd said...

Thank you for sharing with us Jim.
You have a wonderful family and it looks like you are as we bless with plenty to eat. Great pictures and the presentation was great.
Thanks agian,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! After looking at the photos, we feel like we were there!
Your West TN cuz'

Linda said...

What a great family you have there! Wish I was there...