Thursday, January 10, 2013

Small Victories

In the Hip Replacement Battle
hipreplacementI climbed the wooden hill. I made it to the top, and back down. It was not difficult.

Home Health was here earlier today, so we made a trip upstairs to my bedroom. Since last Friday when I came home from the hospital I had been sleeping in a downstairs bedroom and using a walk-in shower. The trip upstairs was in preparation into making the move back to more normality in my life. While upstairs I tried using my normal tub shower and found that I can use it without problems.

The Surgery
I am quite amazed at my own improvement after the surgery I had just 9 days ago. A few days after I return home from the hospital I got out my laptop and searched YouTube for some videos of a complete hip replacement. Then I watched it. I’m glad I did not see it before the surgery, but it was interesting to watch the process while you are thinking “They did that to me! How will I ever walk again?”

The video helped me in several ways. It helped me see what competent medical procedures can accomplish. It also helped me appreciate the amazing recuperative powers of the human body. And lastly it impressed on me the importance of being serious about physical therapy following the surgery.

Quote of the Day
”I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”
-- Winston Churchill

Thought of the Day

Nothing ruins the truth like stretching it.

Joke of the Day

It was just before Christmas and the magistrate was in a happy mood. He asked the prisoner who was in the dock, "What are you charged with?"

The prisoner replied, "Doing my Christmas shopping too early."

"That's no crime," said the magistrate. "Just how early were you doing this shopping?"

"Before the shop opened."


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Andrea said...

Good for you!!!! Keep going... it's the key to everything!!! :)