Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hip Replacement - Healing is not over night

Thursday in Hospital
Things are getting better little by little. They said I could go home today, we talked it over and decided to wait until tomorrow since I had missed the PT on Jan 1.

They decided later today that I definitely needed 1 unit of blood. So that is what happening right now. At first I was going opt out of the blood. But I talked to my heart doctor and changed my mind. My first time for a blood transfusion. Sure hope I didn't get any blood some over zealous liberal!

I Shaved Today
I was feeling pretty scroungy, and I really looked like a bum. It is sure surprising how good a clean shave will make you feel.

So I'm hoping to be back home sometime tomorrow afternoon with clean shave and some strangers blood circulating through this old body of mine.

You all take care, I hope to talk to you tomorrow.

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Karen Cooke said...

Hi Jim,

So glad to see that you are doing so well and able to post a blog!

Love you your cuz'