Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Interesting Things

A Couple of Links
You might want to check out the following links. I enjoyed each of them.

  1. A Dramatic Surprise
  2. Andie’s Isle

A Week With Dad

My sister is taking a little trip this week. She’s enjoying sunny Florida with a girl friend. While she is gone Beverly and I are help my Dad. He’s quite a guy at the age 98 years with a mind as sharp as a tack. We’ve having good and enjoyable days with him. He keeps us on our toes.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
I saw a bumper sticker that said,
“Honk if you love peace & quiet.”

Quote of the Day
Always be a little kinder than necessary.
— James M. Barrie

Joke of the Day

Three men were talkin' about a new scheme, and one of them was an engraver. He said, "I can make a batch of money, and we'll pass it out and get rich."

He showed up with the money—all eighteen-dollar bills.

The other guys said, "You must be nuts! Nobody'll take an eighteen-dollar bill." He said, "Don't get excited. I know where we can get rid of 'em—down in Tennessee." They said, "Well, come on, let's go get rid of 'em fast."

They drove down to the mountains of Tennessee and they pulled up to a filling station in front of a little country grocery store. The owner came out and said, "Y'all wanna get something?" They said, "Yeah, fill it up with Hi-Test, boy."

The guy filled it up and said, "Anything else?"

One of them got out an eighteen-dollar bill and popped it a few times and said, "You got change for that?" The country boy looked it over a few times, popped it a couple of times, and said, "Oh yes. Whaddya want, three sixes or two nines?"

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