Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dad's Situation

I'm with Dad this morning in the hospital. The surgeon was here earlier and tells they do the surgery on his hip later today... 4-5 PM. The surgeon said they will have Dad walking some and sitting in a chair tomorrow. That's good news!

(They surgeon explained that he broke the ball off the hip joint. And that the surgery will be like a hip replacement. It will take about an hour.)

He's a little uncomfortable but not in pain. He talking a lot and would like to check his email, work on his blog, check his tomato plants, and feed the birds. That will come later.


Helen said...

Praying that his surgery will be a complete success. I posted about him on my FB page. Had several saying they would pray for him.

Ruby said...

Thank you for the update.
Praying for a speedy recovery. Take care.
(have read his journal since aol)

John White said...

Thanks for the update, Jim. Glad the Drs have a good plan for Dad....tell him to hang in there he will be back blogging before long. Let us know anyway we can help & we will come by & see him when he can have visitors.