Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wild Bill

Ever Heard of “Wild Bill for America”?
Well, I had not, until the other day. Now I knew about Wild Bill Hickok, a famous gunslinger in the Old West. Well it seems that Wild Bill for America is a gunslinger too, and he seems to be shooting pretty straight. You check out his non nonsense web site here:

Here’s one of his videos…

Oops! I Almost forgot to remind you that Friday the 13th fell on Thursday this month. And that’s today. Be careful out there, because some of the ghosts and witches may be working overtime this Halloween month.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
If freedom was worth fighting for,
it is certainly worth protecting!

Quote of the Day
It doesn't hurt to be optimistic. 
You can always cry later.
~Lucimar Santos de Lima

Joke of the Day

Turn up you volume and sit back and get ready to laugh. This is better than any joke I could tell…

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