Friday, September 12, 2008


Interesting Things
  • It shows some flash based 3D graphics where you can fly over ice covered mountains. Click here: Electric Oyster

  • Have you tried Google 411. If not, give it a try. Click here: Google 411

  • Read about the danger of plastic bags. Click here: Plastic Bags

  • Pictures of earth from space: Click here: Blue Beauty
Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
As long as you have enough to live comfortably, money is not really important. I think that God, Family, and Friends are what is really important.


Quote of the Day
Common sense is not so common.

Joke of the Day
A motorist had a flat tire in front of an insane asylum. He took the wheel off, but when he stood up he tipped over the hubcap containing the bolts, spilling them all down a sewer drain.

A patient, looking through the fence, suggested that the man take one bolt from
the remaining three wheels to hold the fourth wheel in place until he could get to a service station.

The motorist thanked him profusely and said, "I don't know why you are in that place."

The patient said, "I'm in here for being crazy, not for being stupid."

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are taking Dad to his friend's funeral next Monday. God bless both of you, have a safe trip. Helen