Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tennessee Valley Authority Fish Survey

Today: TVA Fish Survey
(I wonder how they get the fish to fill out those questionnaire forms?)

Today's the day for one of the fish surveys at Douglas Lake. I was scheduled to go, but had to cancel due to my CT scan that is scheduled for this morning. My friend, Ralph Jones, is going this year and I know he will take lots of pictures to share with me. He'll be going out in a TVA boat equipped with an electric-shocking device so that the health of the game fish population can be checked. The shocking of the fish does not cause an permanent damage, and allows the fish to be dipped up and placed in a large tank. Then later they are all weighed, measured, and checked for disease or parasites. We'll be interested to learn if the drought of the past couple of years (low lake levels during spawning) have hurt the fish population.

I was certainly looking forward to going along to learn and hopefully help the TVA crew with their job. One of the first things they tell you is to not place your hands in the water while in the boat. You could be seriously shocked, perhaps fatally, if the water was being charged with current. Ralph, keep your hands out of the water! The picture shows one of the TVA boats that was used last year. Check the pictures from last year's survey here...

Quotes of the Day
Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.
Keep in the sunlight.
~Benjamin Franklin

The more one judges, the less one loves.
~ Honore de Balzac


Joke of the Day
A geezer walks up to a really beautiful woman in a shopping mall.

"Excuse me" he says "But I've lost my wife here somewhere and I can't find her. Could you please help me?"

"What do you need me to do?" asks the woman.

"Just stand here and talk to me" the man replies.

"How's that going to help?" she asks.

"No idea really...but every time I talk to a woman as pretty as you, my wife appears out of nowhere!!"

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