Monday, May 19, 2008

New Slide Shows

Four More PowerPoint Shows
I have just added 4 PowerPoint Slide Shows to my Favorite Slide Shows Web Page. You can download them to your computer. Each show contains beautiful photographs. Here's a sample picture from each of the newly added slide shows.

The Flowers of Keukenhof
A beautiful flower garden in Holland.

Pictures from Parks
Just good pictures from some parks around the world, with both animals and scenery.

Insects, Flowers & Small Animals
Some striking photography including some closeups of insects.

Birds and Sayings
Some real nice pictures of birds from the wild. Each picture is framed with a nice saying.


Quote of the Day
The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom;
to serve all, but love only one.
~ Honore de Balzac


Joke of the Day
A man recently took a job in the city. Since the commute was long, passing through a congested tunnel, and gas prices high, he started a ride sharing initiative. Things went well for about a week or so. Then, he started to get severe pain in his wrists.

Oddly, this only happened when he was driving through the tunnel. After a few days, he went to his doctor and described his symptoms. The doctor told him he had a common ailment: carpool tunnel syndrome.

Granddaddy's Comment: I'm sure there was a big cornfield that he drove past on his way to work. How else could this joke be so corny?

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