Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Ready

For what?

Do you know what I’m getting ready for? Well, spring is springing, and in the spring I like to go fishing. So today I’m planning on cleaning up the boat and getting it loaded up. My good friend and fishing buddy Doug is coming over to help with getting the boat ready. We’re thinking that maybe we can go fishing next week if we can hit a good day. Last year we fished Douglas Lake on March 18.

P1060763Here’s Doug with some Douglas crappie we caught last year.

Here’s our TODO list for the boat:

  1. Remove and store winter cover.
  2. Clean boat seats.
  3. Clean boat interior.
  4. Install 2 batteries.
  5. Check points that may need lubrication.
  6. Load life jackets, first-aid kit, etc.
  7. Put in the Porta-Potty.
  8. Put rod holder in the boat.
  9. Load fishing tackle for crappie fishing.
  10. Load rods & reels for crappie fishing.
  11. Check trailer tire pressure & inflate as needed.
  12. Install summer boat cover.

Looks like a full days work. You’re welcome to come by and lend a hand.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
I’m not voting FOR anyone this year.
Instead, I’ll be voting AGAINST someone.
Know what I mean?

Quote of the Day
A people that values its privileges
above its principles soon loses both. 
~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Joke of the Day

This is a mail box! A real mail box!

ATT00252 ATT00249

And this was found on a hot air hand dryer is a restaurant’s rest room. Someone had a good sense of humor, do you?


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