Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A 3D Printer

My fishing friend Doug sent me a link to the following video that shows the replication of a working Crescent wrench by a printer. It’s pretty amazing, and may give us a hint of the future.

At the end of the video the wrench is actually used to tighten up nut.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
When GOD solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities; when GOD doesn't solve your problems HE has faith in your abilities.
Watch out today!!!
Friday the 13th Came on Wednesday,
And that’s Today!!!

Quote of the Day
It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.
~Niccolo Machiavelli

Joke of the Day

A doctor, a lawyer, a little boy and a priest were out for a Sunday afternoon flight on a small private plane. Suddenly, the plane developed engine trouble.

In spite of the best efforts of the pilot, the plane started to go down. Finally, the pilot grabbed a parachute, yelled to the passengers that they had better jump, and bailed out.

Unfortunately, there were only three parachutes remaining.

The doctor grabbed one and said "I'm a doctor, I save lives, so I must live," and jumped out.

The lawyer then said, "I'm a lawyer and lawyers are the smartest people in the world. I deserve to live."
He also grabbed a parachute and jumped.

The priest looked at the little boy and said, "My son, I've lived a long and full life. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Take the last parachute and live in peace."

The little boy handed the parachute back to the priest and said, "Not to worry. The 'smartest man in the world' just jumped out of the plane with my back pack."

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