Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our First Day of Twenty Ten

Jade Left Yesterday
We went to Knoxville yesterday. Jade had a flight to catch around 5:00 PM. We left Kingsport mid morning and picked up pizzas in Knoxville and went straight to Dad and Mary’s. Mandy and Alex got there just before we arrived. We all enjoyed some delicious hot pizzas. We had lots of fun together before we went to the airport.

puppyWe had a good time with Jade being home with us during the Christmas holidays. I think she enjoyed her time with us too. She has many friends in Tennessee. We hope she’ll return every Christmas.

Web Cams and Skype
Our granddaughter, Kara, has a new web cam. And it motivated Dad and me to also get web cams. We now have web cams installed and are learning to use Skype. I think it will be interesting to keep touch with some of our friends that lives far away. We are looking forward to using the cams to keep in touch with our friends in Ireland, Columbia, and Mexico as well in other places in the USA.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
When problems arise we should remember that
concern should drive us into action
and not into depression.

Quote of the Day
Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.
~Benjamin Franklin

Joke of the Day

One day, Bill and Tom went to a restaurant for dinner. As soon as the waiter took out two steaks, Bill quickly picked out the bigger steak for himself.

Tom wasn't happy about that: "When are you going to learn to be polite?"

Bill: "If you had the chance to pick first, which one would you pick?"

Tom: "The smaller piece, of course."

Bill: "What are you whining about then? The smaller piece is what you want, right?"

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madcobug said...

Glad that you all got to spend some more time with Dad, Mary and the others. Dad will think he is something to see folks and talk at the same time. Cute Joke. Helen