Friday, January 22, 2010

Lure Making

Walleye Rigs
To help pass the time these dreary days of winter I have been making some walleye rigs that we may use this spring. The pictures below show some of my parts & supplies, and a few example of the lures.

The picture below show some of the plastic beads that I use. I like the bright colors and I hope the fish do.
Below are some of the spinner blades. Most of them are in two styles: Colorado and Indiana. They are very colorful.

Below are two rigs I made using June bug spinner blades in 2 sizes. A big juicy night crawler will be placed on the hook when fishing for walleye.


Below are two unfinished lures. All that needed is to add the round loop in the wire (the hardest part of making these lures) and adding a single or treble hook.

Last Saturday

On way to the fishing show last week, we made a quick pass by Douglas Lake to see what the water looked like at Swann’s Marina. We were surprised to find that the cover was covered with ice. See picture below.


Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
It’s good to have a goal or purpose. But we need more. We need a plan to achieve out purpose.

Quote of the Day
Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark. 
~Rabindranath Tagore

Joke of the Day

A tough looking biker had been in the biker bar for quite some time when he finally decided it was time, once again to hit the road. He stepped through the front door of the bar and instantly realized that his bike had vanished from the spot he had parked it.

"All right" he said loudly, coming back into the busy biker bar "I'm going to have a shot of whisky and if my hog isn't back up front by the time I'm done, what happened in Detroit will happen here too!"

With that many of the bikers ran out of the bar and within moments one came back to tell the tough biker that his hog was now parked in front of the bar for him. When the tough guy started to leave the bartender asked him.

"Pardon me, stranger, but what happened in Detroit?"

The tough biker replied casually: "I had to walk back to my hotel!"

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