Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Old but Always Funny

Who’s On First
This is a typographical version of the old skit by Abbott and Costello. I never tire of listening to this. It is truly a classic. it will make you smile and chuckle a little.

If the video is not working, click here.
I hope you enjoyed that.

Tennessee Granddaddy’s Birthday
I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. It all started at 7 AM when Kevin and I drove to Bass Pro Shops. Of course we stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way. I used a gift card and money gift at Bass Pro to start buying replacement fishing tackle to what was stolen a few weeks ago.

IMG_2517The later yesterday we went to Red Lobster for my  birthday supper, and then we had a big cookie and Marble Slab ice cream at our house. Here’s a few pictures taken on my 71st birthday.

IMG_2519 IMG_2520

Thanks to all by relatives and friends for all the birthday cards, phone calls, and emails wishing me a happy birthday. I appreciate each and every one!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Choose good over bad,
better over good,
and best over better.
That brings a blessing.

Quote of the Day
The democracy will cease to exist when you
take away from those who are willing to work
and give to those who would not.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Joke of the Day

When Al Gore found out about the hacked email that indicated fraud in reporting data concerning global warming, he replied, “I wish I had never invented the internet.”


Did you know that 4 out of 3 persons have trouble with fractions.

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