Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Traveling South
We'll be on the road most of today. Heading toward HOME. There's no place like home. We enjoy our travels, but the best part of any trip is coming home.

While traveling on the highways, you will find lots of farmers have a roadside stand. We've seen many of them with fresh corn, cabbage, bell peppers, and squash. Here's a picture of one we stopped at a few days ago before we got to Bethany's. We bought 9 ears of corn, and let me tell you, it was delicious. You can't beat fresh corn on the cob!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:

You cannot unsay a cruel word

Quote of the Day
Our house is clean enough to be healthy,
and dirty enough to be happy.
~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day
The boss was complaining in our staff meeting the other day that he wasn't getting any respect. The next day, he brought a small sign that read:

"I'm the Boss!"

He then taped it to his office door.

Later that day when he returned from lunch, he found that someone had taped a note to the sign that said: -

"Your wife called, she wants her sign back!"

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