Friday, December 19, 2008

Winters of Long Ago

Click on the beautiful artwork below to see some great talent that has been placed in an slideshow with music. It shows us some beauty of those long ago winters. I think you will really enjoy the pictures, and the memories.

WintersLongAgo“Winters of Long Ago” was provided by Great Dane Pro. (When you go to the Great Dane site be sure and look for the menu items across the top of the web page.)

Candy Making
Yesterday was candy making time at our house. Sharon and Beverly made those delicious peanut butter balls, some covered with chocolate and some covered with butterscotch. This is a wonderful time of the year. All the cooking, making candy & cookies, all the fun of getting ready for Christmas and the New Year. It’s a good time to be alive and enjoy the sounds, smells and sights of the holidays!

Yesterday was the 3rd and last candy making day. Beverly has already made the fudge, and on another day she and Sharon made peanut brittle.

Here’s a close-up of some of those peanut butter balls. Doesn’t it make you want to pick one up and try one?

I like the butterscotch the best.

I wish
you a very Merry Christmas!


A happy and healthy new year!

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Stop every now and then and think.
Are you on the right road for the destination you desire? If so, are you moving forward?

Quote of the Day
It's so hard when I have to,
and so easy when I want to.

~Annie Gottlier

Joke of the Day

There's this drunk guy who decides that he wants to go ice fishing. He packs up all his tackle and sets out in search of a suitable spot.

Eventually, he stumbles across a huge area of ice and decides that he'll give it a go. Taking out a saw from his tackle box, he starts to saw a whole.

Suddenly, a loud voice booms out at him, "There's no fish in here." The drunk looks all around him but can't see anyone. He decides to ignore the voice and carries on sawing.

Again, the voice booms out, "I've told you once, there's no fish in here!" He looks up again but there's still no sign of anyone so he returns to his task.

"Stop it!" shouts the now very angry sounding voice, "You'd better pack up your stuff and get out of here or there'll be trouble."

"Who are you" shouts the drunk guy, "you don't scare me!"

"Look," replies the voice, "I'm the manager of this Ice Rink!"

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Lynne said...

Good morning! My sister loves to bake too, cookies and treats! I wish I had that kind of talent or maybe I do, I just never seeem to have time, lol. Hope you folk enjoy your day, God Bless!

Ruby said...

Oh yummy! please share the recipes!! just looking at all that candy (and did you mention fudge!?) yum-yum! Love all the smells of Christmas!Thank you for sharing!Merry Christmas! Happy New Year to you and your Family!

a corgi said...

candy looks delicious!!! that is a lot of hard work I'm sure!!!
I think I would be more partial towards the chocolate ones