Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Puzzle

Puzzled by the Puzzle

Mandy took this picture at Thanksgiving after they had given me this gift. It was a puzzle.

This is my confused (or maybe bewildered) look. I was puzzled by the puzzle. I have never seen one like this before.
Here’s a close-up of the reason for being bewildered. When you pull out the wooden rods the whole puzzle comes apart.


And the answer is “no”. I have not taken it apart yet. But I will… I just need to study it a while longer.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Read your Bible.
It’s the best book ever written.

Quote of the Day
Some people, no matter how old they get,
never lose their beauty - they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.
~Martin Buxbaum

Joke of the Day

World War III. The U.S.A. have succeeded in building a fantastic computer that is able to solve any strategic or tactical problem. The military leaders are assembled in front of the new machine.

They describe the situation to the computer and then ask it:
"Shall we attack? Shall we retreat?"

The computer computes for an hour and then comes up with the answer.

The generals, rather stupefied, look at each other. Finally one of them asks the computer:
"Yes, what?"

After another fifteen minutes the computer replies:
"Yes, Sir!"

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Brush Strokes said...

Hi Jim, Go ahead and pull out those wooden rods...you can do it! That should keep you busy for awhile! We just love puzzles like that, but I have never seen that type before! Have fun! Your cuz'

a corgi said...

that looks like a complicated one! let us know how it goes when you try to reassemble it

cute gift!


Mandy said...

I love your puzzled expression! :) Good luck!
Love ya