Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just Checking In

My Great Grandson, Atley
ajr3He was born on July 17, 2012. Here’s a new picture. I have not seen him in person yet, but I hope to this next week. It’ll be a change to hold him and get some pictures. I wonder if he’ll like to go fishing. Maybe someday I can take him on a fishing trip.

RedWagonWe’re taking him a gift from his Great Great Grandpa (That’s my Dad who recently passed away.) Dad had a red wagon that Mary had gotten for him some years ago. You might ask why Mary gave him a red wagon. Dad was telling Mary how poor his family was when they were children. They did not have any real toys to play with. They would play with a hoop and a stick or other homemade things. Dad mentioned that he had always wanted a red wagon. so that how Dad finally got his red wagon. Now that red wagon will go to Atley.

Another slap in the face to U.S. Veterans.
I received the following from a good friend. Can this be true?

Obama says his father served in WW II, really?
Of all the things I've seen or heard about Obama on the Internet, NONE has hit me like this!! How can we not believe some of the charges about citizenship, religion, etc., after hearing what he says on this? Obama said his father served in WW II? Barack's father served in WW II?

He said so in a speech. Here is an 18 second video:
CNN News clip:

Why would he say this? Were there no reporters who checked or double checked these statements and called the party on this? They did for everyone else. Why not him?

Like it or not, here are the facts:

  • Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (Obama's father) Born: 4/4/36 Died: 11/24/82 at the age of 46. He was 5 years old when WW II started, and less than 9 1/2 yrs old when it ended.
  • Lolo Soetoro (Obama's step father) Born: January 2,1935 Died: 3/2/87 at the age of 52. He was 6 years old when WW II started, and 10 years old when it ended. He must have been the youngest Veteran in the war.

Watch the video. RIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!!
And the media doesn't say anything. If you doubt it, Google both of these guys.

Had this been Bush, the Media would still be on this!
The CNN clip of Obama is surprising. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this lie wasn’t uncovered, questioned or debated before the Nov. 2008 election.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Life is Precious. It’s a Gift.
Spend it Wisely.
The fish are still biting. I took a day off last week
and went to South Holston Lake with Doug S.
to troll for Lake Trout.
The largest was 5 1/2 lbs. Stringer weight was ~14 lbs.

Quote of the Day
If only I may grow:  firmer, simpler, quieter, warmer.
~Dag Hammarskjold
Joke of the Day

A New Tax from the Obama Administration. This time it’s an Aspirin Tax! An Aspirin Tax???

It appears that Obama is going to impose a 40% tax on aspirin, just because it's white and it works!!!

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betty said...

You are going to bring tears to Mandy's eyes when she sees the beautiful red Radio Flyer wagon that belonged to her Great-GrandDAD.
Her precious son Atley will some day be filling it up with basket of ripe tomatoes and buckets of bait for fishing trips with Great-Granddaddy. I hope Great-Aunt Mary gets to give the Prince a ride around the garden. Thank you for sharing this story, Jim. It is precious and put tears in my eyes.

Shawn Cooke said...

Hey Jim!

It's your cousin Shawn here. You've got yourself quite the handsome great grandbaby there!

By the way, the person to whom the President was referring was his grandfather, who also raised him from the age of 10. He served in Europe during WWII.

Sorry we didn't get to see you when we visited Knoxville earlier this month! I'm looking forward to you meeting my wife!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama was speaking of his grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham.

I was a follower of your father's blog and was hoping your's was similar. After seeing the Obama bashing, I've come to the conclusion that it won't be the same. So sorry for us readers.

Good day.