Thursday, June 21, 2012

From the Past

Something My Mother Wrote
Mary found a paper containing some words my Mom wrote sometime in the early 1960s, probably before Beverly and I got married in 1961. It pretty funny & silly. It reminds me of her sense of humor. I think she was maybe thinking of me getting married and leaving home? I wonder?

I know that I am sentimental
And as silly as can be…
For who sit up till morning
But a foolish one like me.

I’d better get some sleep I guess
Or I will look a horrid mess.
And Jim will be here soon, you see
And I must make some tea.

I won’t worry about our Jim
When Beverly comes to stay.
Their joy will be to the rim
And they’ll be happy every day.

She’s a sweet gal I know…
And Jim has told her so!I
I’m a silly goose,
Oh well, what’s the use.

Here I sit flabbergasted
Looked in the mirror & it blasted.
Head up high, feet so low…
Sing a song, fast or slow!!!!!

~ Written by LaVerne Rieben White

Mom died in 1974. She was a special Mom.

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
Sometimes you find little jewels from the past that bring back fond memories. The above poem written by my Mom certainly did that for me. Thanks to Mary keeping this through the years and sharing with me.

Quote of the Day
A good scare is worth more to a man than good advice.
— Ed Howe

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Helen said...

Cute poem your mother wrote. I keepsake for sure.

John White said...

That's a great poem & great that it turned up after all these years.