Friday, June 29, 2012

First Tomato from Dad's Tomato Garden

Beverly and I are in Knoxville at Dad's house. When checking his garden I discovered and picked the first ripe tomato!

There'll be a bountiful crop as I see lots of big green tomatoes on every plant.



That is a wonderful thing. He would be so happy. take care.

Helen said...

I can almost see the look and smile on his face if he were there to find the first tomato of the season.

Karen Cooke said...

Uncle Ray would have enjoyed that tomato......and I know he would appreciate your posting it on your blog.

Dawn said...

Aww...I received Dad's book in the mail this week, and today read it cover to cover. What a wonder family you all are! I know you miss him, but it occurred to me as I read that he loved your Mom so much, that was obvious, that perhaps they are together now telling old stories and writing poetry together. What a sweet thought.

And imagine my surprise when I got to page 123 and saw my own sheltie Katie there. I remember now that Sara (of the blog Saralovesdos) had asked me ages ago if she could send a picture of Katie to Dad because he was collecting smiles. I said yes and never thought about it again. I was so touched to see her there, along with a photo of your dog and his beloved Scottie.

Anyway, hugs to you and your sister Mary as you all adjust to life without Dad. I know you miss him. He was such a sweet man. Thanks for sharing him with all of us.

-Dawn King

betty said...

At first I wanted to paint a happy face on the tomato. Then, I saw that it was already smiling.
DAD gave lessons on living for others. He also gave lessons on making a good Tomato Sandwich. There is joy to be found in both.