Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fishing Update for 2013

Spring Crappie
We have ended our trips to Douglas Lake for crappie fishing for this spring. Here’s a summary for the ten (10) trips we made down to Swann’s Marina.

Number of Fishing Trips


Total Number of Crappie Caught


Total Number of “Throw Backs”


Total Number of Keepers


Percent Keepers


Our last trip to Douglas was on June 20 where we caught 17 “keepers”, and had 34 “throw backs”. A “Keeper” is a crappie 10” or longer. The “Throw Backs” were returned to the lake to grow larger. Overall a good and enjoyable year for us. But it’s not over…

Lake Trout
When the water get hot on Douglas and the fish are hard to catch, we change lakes and our target fish. We can usually find fish in the deep waters of South Holston and Watauga Lakes. Just to make sure we had not lost our “touch” we made a trip to South Holston last Tuesday to try for the Lake Trout. Doug and I had our limit by 1:00 PM. We lost several big fish earlier but finally recovered the knack for catching these big fish.

IMG_2647Here’s a picture of our 4 keepers. The limit is only 2 per person per day and there is no size limit. The weights of the fish were 6 lb 3 oz, 5 lb 3 oz, 4 lb 7 oz and 2 lb 14 oz. That was a heavy stringer topping out at close to 19 pounds for 4 fish. Needless to say we were happy and smiling. Those are fun to catch. (You know, catching is  a little more fun that just fishing.)

Just tonight, Kara and her partner, another Kara, won their tennis doubles championship match to win the girls double tournament at the Bristol Tennis and Racket Club. Here’s a picture of the victors who won in convincing fashion, 6-2, and

Tennessee Granddaddy Says:
It pays to keep busy.
Set goals.
Make a little progress each day.
Don’t let others discourage you.
Keep on, Keeping on.

Quote of the Day
A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer
~Author Unknown

Joke of the Day

Every time the man next door headed toward Robinson's house, Robinson knew he was coming to borrow something. "He won't get away with it this time," muttered Robinson to his wife. "Watch this."

"Er, I wonder if you'd be using your power-saw this morning," the neighbor began.

"Gee, I'm awfully sorry," said Robinson with a smug look, "but the fact of the matter is, I'll be using it all day."

"In that case," said the neighbor, "You won't be using your golf clubs. Mind if I borrow them?"

(Sounds a little bit like Herb and Dagwood in the comics)

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Bernita Sloan said...

“..catching is a little more fun that just fishing.” - Catching, no matter how small the fish is the reward you get from fishing. It sorts of play as your bragging rights for being patient and strategic. Well, you can sometimes be just lucky. Haha! Anyway, congratulations on your catch!
Bernita @ Catch Me If U Can Fishing Charters